In recent years with the cost of exhibiting rising many brands we work with have expanded their marketing to create their own mini expos in the form of pop up stores and pop up events.

Alongside exhibition we offer a comprehensive service of temporary events and structures. Engage with your customers IRL with an option of pop ups, roadshows and brand days. Perfect for interaction with customers and product launches.

Pop Up Stores

The temporary structure we use for exhibition can be utilised in the delivery of a pop up store to effectively transform a blank space into a professional looking branded store. We are able to deliver large graphic walls and temporary structures like changing rooms, stock rooms and till counters in order to create a retail experience. We create many fabricated fixings like clothes rails and display cabinets which can be reused across different pop ups and events.

We also have expertise in PR and the corporate side of the pop ups and can integrate DJ booths, photo booths, Audio Visual equipment, Lighting and Staging which can all be used for launching the store and creating hype for relevant agencies and VIPs to experience.

When you combine all these elements with nice touches of styling we can deliver a temporary all round retail experience and we don’t stop there. Drawing on our wealth of project management experience, we have in the past, sourced locations, staff and security on behalf of the client for pop up stores.

Pop Up Events

Why not go one step further than a simple pop up store? Take you IRL events to the next level with a Pop Up Event.

Similar to the pop up stores we can source venues and provide full project management to deliver a pop up event. We can fully brand any space and create a unique customer experience which is all about your brand and products. Think about a mini expo but just for you. Guest speakers, Meet and greets, product launches, One to one customer interactions. Trhow in some catering and retail experience and you have a one stop shop in the form of a pop up event.


Take you events on the road. We can facilitate a mini event on wheels. Visit multiple locations across a designated period and take your products and brand to the customers.

Again we can take away the headaches of logistics and planning and deliver a roadshow to be proud of. Utilise social media channels to build as much hype as you desire. The possibilities are endless.

PR & Brand Launches

Need to promote a product launch? We can dress any space with suitable branding and promotional touches. Engage with customers and build up brand presence. We can support you PR events and brand launches to give the perfect backdrop to present the brand across social media and the real world. 


Most frequent questions and answers regarding our exhibition services

Cost vary depending on the spec, If you can supply us with a starting budget we can give you a range of options which take this budget into account. This saves time for us to deliver a realistic stand design based on your budget restrictions.

We work with you to deliver a stand by the show day. We ask for around 6 weeks to achieve our production deadlines. As part of or project management we provide a production timeline. so all parties are aware of when we need sign offs from you.

Of course, We have the capabilities to provide full graphic design production however. If you have an inhouse team or preferred design agency you work with we can provide flat panels and print guideline for you to submit the stand graphics for us to produce.

Depending on complexity of design we do offer a stand purchase. This purchase is accompanied by build plans in order for you to install the stand yourselves. We can also provide training from one of our install team project managers who can give you a full days training on how to install the stand.

Yes, we can take your design or sketch and create it in real life for you. It often helps as a starting point to help our design team if you have a sketch or a layout in mind to use as a starting point for us to lend our expertise and offer a suitable deign for your exhibtion stand.

We have worked on many global projects in the past and offer a worldwide Exhibition solution. We can offer a realistic design to tour the globe taking into account logistics and timescales in order to deliver a solution that cover a full show season in any country in the world.