We have developed a streamlined approach to our temporary structure projects, Depending on our clients needs and resources we can deliver a full service or only the elements they require. This helps to moderate unnecessary costs and only charge for the services you need.


We will work closely with the you, the client, to deliver a comprehensive stand design package. We design to your brief, considering customer flow and interaction when laying out the best possible design, Whether the stand is for an Exhibition or Pop up store, the design process is the same. Taking into account the space available we can deliver a temporary structure that meets your needs and budget. Either working off CAD plans provided by the venue or physically coming along and surveying the space ourselves. Whether it is a one off stand build or a full show season. We can design a stand that can be reworked across different plot sizes.

Utilising clever design techniques we are able to integrate everything our client requires into a physical space. Focusing on the flow of the stand and how it will work on the exhibition day, stock rooms, changing rooms and DJ booths can all be integrated into the structure allowing opportunities for customer interaction. We work with the client to decide the best orientation and layout based on the plot size of the venue resulting in a design structure that works both for you and your customers.

Cale & Co Global Events - Visual


You will first be provided with a structural drawing. Once the design layout is confirmed we will then create 3D rendered visuals to give the idea of how the stand will look. We will then work with you to design all graphics. Alternatively we can deliver a full diagram pack of flat panels dimensions for your own design team to create the graphics for the stand.

We then place the graphics onto the rendered visual which will allow you to see how everything looks before production begins.


We have all of the bases covered with our AV offerings, We can supply all manner of Audio Visual equipment, TV, Lighting, Speakers, DJ Equipment. You name it we can provide it. Depending on the brief requirements and location we can advise the best solution. We will assess your budget options and occasionally it is more cost effective to use the venues in house AV team. Either way our Project Management service will ensure liaison directly with any AV teams and supply all relevant CAD and diagrams to ensure that positioning and supply is suitable for the design we have proposed. 


We have an abundance of staging options at our disposal. In the past we have installed all manners of staging, From DJ risers to low level meet and greet stages, all the way up to huge raised stage platforms with stairwells set off with illuminated balustrade.


We have a team of designers that can produce the graphics that will appear on your stand or structure. Whether it is a flat colour flood image or Corporate branding, We can take on the graphic design of the stand to create a full marketing backdrop for your exhibition or event display. If you have your own creative team then we will provide all of the specifications of flat panels and print setup for you to create the design yourselves.


We use a dye sublimation print process on fabric to ensure a vibrant print finish which delivers a striking clarity when applied to the stand. The fabric nature of our print also allows for us to produce graphic walls without any panel breaks or joins. These hard wearing fabric panels can be stored and reused for future events.


Exhibitions can be time consuming and stressful. Trying to book and organise all the elements required before the venue deadlines to avoid surcharges. Leave all that down to us. We can liaise directly with the show organisers and venue to ensure that all of the documentation and drawings are submitted for approval. We will also book the relevant electric and necessary extras like rigging points and water supply carpet etc… on your behalf. We will also submit all risk assessments and method statements for the build and structure.

This will leave your staff available to organise anything you need to get sorted with your team before the show.

With our stand design project management we will create a timeline of when we require everything to be delivered by you in order to be produced before the show begins.


Once the stand is built we can also can be on hand for the stand management on show days, being present across the whole event or just show up in the mornings to ensure everything is set up and working correctly. We are on hand via the phone to attend any unforeseen eventuality. Even if this is just peace of mind for our client to ensure a smooth running show. The whole idea is that you can concentrate on marketing your brand while we ensure that your stand looks the best it possibly can.


Another important part of the stand build process is of course Logistics. How does the stand get to its desired destination for our team to install? We work closely with a global logistics firm who undertake all of our long distance transport requirements.

With a global logistics network we have delivered stands and temporary structures all across the world. From Sydney Australia to Birmingham England. Multiple States in America to Stockholm in Europe. We work with clients based in the UK, USA and Europe to deliver global events.

We transport our team and kit across the world and logistics and timescales is a huge part of doing that, We have also transported client’s stock and equipment too. Again if you have any additional logistic requirements we can handle them. Whether it is by sea or air we are able to execute the logistics storage and delivery into venues.


Our installation team are able to take on the full extent of the build. You then simply need to turn up to setup your stock or display literature etc. The installation team will build the stand and apply the graphics to the specifications agreed during the design process. If you require elements and equipment to be delivered directly to the stand our team will be on site to accept those deliveries on your behalf. Once the event is finished they will be on site to break down the stand and remove it from the venue where it will be returned to storage.

Our modular exhibition kit is so simple to install that smaller stands can, if desired, be installed by the client. In this eventuality you will be provided with fully colour coded build plans and instructions on how you can erect the stand yourselves. We have produced enough stands to be able to accurately give you an idea of how long a build will take and how many staff you will need. If you have the available team to install you could potentially save costs on the install and break down.

We also offer the opportunity for a days training on how to install the equipment so that you can confidently install the stand yourself.


Most frequent questions and answers regarding our exhibition services

Cost vary depending on the spec, If you can supply us with a starting budget we can give you a range of options which take this budget into account. This saves time for us to deliver a realistic stand design based on your budget restrictions.

We work with you to deliver a stand by the show day. We ask for around 6 weeks to achieve our production deadlines. As part of or project management we provide a production timeline. so all parties are aware of when we need sign offs from you.

Of course, We have the capabilities to provide full graphic design production however. If you have an inhouse team or preferred design agency you work with we can provide flat panels and print guideline for you to submit the stand graphics for us to produce.

Depending on complexity of design we do offer a stand purchase. This purchase is accompanied by build plans in order for you to install the stand yourselves. We can also provide training from one of our install team project managers who can give you a full days training on how to install the stand.

Yes, we can take your design or sketch and create it in real life for you. It often helps as a starting point to help our design team if you have a sketch or a layout in mind to use as a starting point for us to lend our expertise and offer a suitable deign for your exhibtion stand.

We have worked on many global projects in the past and offer a worldwide Exhibition solution. We can offer a realistic design to tour the globe taking into account logistics and timescales in order to deliver a solution that cover a full show season in any country in the world.